Aptitude and Ability Tests

SNCL offers a range of ability testing accredited by the British Psychological Society.

Tests include:

  • The Able Series Aptitude Tests – there are 10 different aptitude tests applicable to a wide range of job roles.
  • Saville Consulting Aptitude Assessments including suites of tests within three broad areas – analysis, comprehension and technical.
  • Strong Interest Inventory for career-development planning

There are a large number of Ability Tests, accredited by the British Psychological Society, which can be used to assess candidates’ abilities in a wide range of areas. Clients may wish to discuss their specific requirements. Please contact Sophie on 07967007617 or at sophie@snclcoaching.com

The information below outlines two particular tests that SNCL regularly uses in recruitment.

1. Saville Consulting – Swift Analysis Aptitude Test

(on-line or face-to face)

What does it measure? This online test assesses a candidate’s ability to reason with information presented in verbal, numerical and diagrammatic formats. Verbal Analysis assesses the ability to understand, interpret and evaluate written information. Numerical Analysis assesses the ability to understand, interpret and evaluate data. Diagrammatic Analysis assesses the ability to analyse diagrams, sequences and transformations.

How long does it take? The estimated time to complete the assessment, including reading the instructions and completing the example items, is around 30 minutes. Candidates need to complete the assessment in one sitting.

Why use the Swift Analysis Aptitude Test? The Test provides an excellent indication of a candidate’s ability in relation to verbal, numerical and diagrammatic analysis.

2. ABLE Series

ABLE tests are administered face to face.

What do they measure? Each assessment is based on contextualised scenarios. They measure an individual’s potential to learn a given task, succeed quickly in a particular job and adapt to changing work environments.

Able tests:

  • Provide an objective assessment of aptitude, backed by research that shows how positive results on the ABLE tests translate into excellent performance on the job.
  • Test a candidate’s ability to learn by first teaching them a series of principals to work from, then asking them to complete tasks that increase in complexity as the test progresses.
  • Provide contextualised, holistic tests that simulate a real workplace, requiring candidates to combine different cognitive skills in order to progress within the simulation, rather than testing them separately.
  • Use an engaging and motivating approach from the candidate’s point of view.

Why use tests from the ABLE Series? Using an ability test from the ABLE Series provides an excellent way to be confident about a candidate’s future performance, and helps recruiters understand how they will cope with pressure and with the ups and downs of a real workplace.

The ABLE tests are also extremely fair, because they assume no prior knowledge of the specific role, and test a person’s innate ability to pick up and use new information. The ABLE assessments complement a traditional selection process perfectly, and can be used in conjunction with interviews and personality assessments such as the 16PF

SNCL often uses the following ABLE test as it is is recommended for Senior/Executive positions.

2.1   Critical Business Planning

Critical Business Planning tests the ability to discover the concepts underlying critical business decisions and apply them in new settings.

How will candidates be assessed? Critical Business Planning has been designed as an alternative version of the ABLE Series’ Business Decision Analysis. It caters for candidates whose interests lie in the area of business administration rather than product development, production and marketing.

 What are the skills assessed?

  • Ability to discover concepts and acquire skills without being taught
  • Ability to discern apparent patterns masked by complexity
  • Ability to analyse and reason with data in graphs, tables and charts
  • Aptitude for finding structure in data

How long does the test take? The test is timed and lasts 40 minutes. The administering practitioner will allow up to 15 minutes beforehand to brief the candidates and to account for two practice questions that the candidates are asked to work through before the start of the exercise. A suggested allocation time for one full assessment, including briefing, completion of the timed test and collection of the test materials would be one hour.

For further information please telephone Sophie Norton on 07967007617 or email sophie@snclcoaching.com.



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