Coaching with Sophie

All coaching packages/assignments are designed on an individual basis according to the needs, priorities and expectations of the client and, where applicable, the sponsor organisation. Sophie will select different models, tools or approaches accordingly.

Leadership and Transition Coaching

Sophie has ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring and the Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching. She has 20 years’ coaching experience.

She specialises in leadership and transition coaching.

  • Leadership coaching focuses on the talents, attitudes, skills, knowledge, behaviour and style of executives and senior personnel. It is about helping leaders to maximise their performance and delivery by gaining greater insight, setting better goals, reaching those goals faster, making better decisions and improving professional relationships.

    Sophie has a pragmatic, down to earth approach and will suggest different methods, tools, techniques and/or approaches to optimise performance and impact. She will facilitate self-awareness of underlying barriers to goal attainment and will help coachees stay focused on what they want/need to achieve.

  • Transition and career coaching supports individuals through change. This might be organisational imposed change or personal change through choice. Sophie has significant experience in supporting individuals with career development. This may include helping the person gain understanding of personal motivations, identifying opportunities, writing a compelling CV, networking, articulating achievements, delivering an impressive interview and securing the right role.

Selecting a SNCL coach

Coachees are encouraged to view the profiles of The SNCL Team. This will help the coachee decide who they would like as a coach. Sophie can facilitate chemistry calls with her coaching team to help the coachee make the best choice for them.

All coachees are asked to complete a Pre-Coaching Questionnaire prior to their first coaching session.

Review and Evaluation

Sophie recognises that organisations investing in coaching need to be reassured that they are getting value for money. In addition to personal development for the coachee, the organisation also needs to benefit. The coaching we undertake will be evaluated against objectives agreed with the coachee and, where appropriate, the sponsor/line manager.

All coachees are asked to complete a short review and evaluation form at the mid-way point and at the end of their coaching.

Mid-way Coaching Review:

Coaching Review and Evaluation – Sophie Norton:

Coaching Review and Evaluation – SNCL Coaching Team:

Coachee sponsors/line managers are invited to participate in a short 3-way discussion at the start of the coaching assignment to discuss priorities and objectives. They are also encouraged to participate in the evaluation process.


Contracting in coaching is essential to ensure that all parties are clear on the purpose, nature and scope of the coaching. Our Coaching Agreements set out objectives, respective responsibilities, terms & conditions and how the coaching will be evaluated.

Structure and Organisation

Sophie’s skills and experience in project management will provide structure to coaching programmes. This will ensure that sessions and times are effectively managed and positive outcomes maximised.

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