Coaching and Mentoring

Sophie provides coaching and mentoring, including the use of psychometric profiling, to support individuals with:

  • Personal and team development
  • Leadership development
  • Transition and transformation
  • Career development
  • Communication and personal impact
  • Building Trust
  • Conflict resolution

Executive and Leadership Coaching

 Sophie specialises in executive and leadership coaching, focusing on the talents, attitudes, skills, knowledge and style of leaders and senior personnel, in order to maximise their performance and delivery and that of their organisation. It is about setting better goals, reaching those goals faster, making better decisions and improving professional relationships.

"I am passionate about developing leaders and I am convinced that coaching is a highly effective tool to have in the top of the leadership development ‘toolbox’. I work with many leaders as they step in to executive roles. They have often learnt a lot about theories from courses they have attended and literature they have read. I think the greatest growth comes from personal insight and reflection; through psychometrics and coaching. They have protected time and space to explore their values and beliefs and to consider their skills, behaviours and attitudes; to formulate an action plan on how they can perform at their best and get the most out of others; their teams, other stakeholders and other organisations".

Sophie Norton, 2015

Coaching approach

 All coaching packages/assignments are designed on an individual basis according to the needs, priorities and expectations of the coachee and the client. Sophie will select different models, tools or approaches accordingly.

Sophie often adopts a cognitive behavioural approach to coaching. This emphasises the importance of identifying realistic goals and facilitates self-awareness of underlying cognitive and emotional barriers to goal attainment. It aims to equip the coachee with more effective thinking and behavioural skills. The focus is on the coachee’s current concerns and the ultimate goal is for the coachee to become his or her own coach.

Sophie also takes a transformational coaching approach which is about influencing the coachee to start to think, feel and act differently about the situations they are concerned with.

 Coaching and Psychometric Qualifications

Coaching – Sophie has ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring and the Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching. She has over 10 years experience working as a coach.

Psychometrics – Sophie is a qualified practitioner in the following psychometric tools:

  • MBTI (Step I and II)
  • FIRO-B
  • 16PF
  • Talent Dynamics
  • Everything DiSC®
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Test User Occupational Ability (BPS)

Psychometric tools can be highly effective in improving self-awareness and helping people identify ways in which they can develop and improve performance.

Evaluation and ROI

 Sophie recognises that organisations investing in coaching, need to be assured that the coaching is not undertaken for its own sake but to enable the organisation to achieve its objectives through the people it employs, values and trusts. The coaching Sophie undertakes will be evaluated against objectives agreed with the client and the coachee.


Contracting in coaching is essential to ensure that all parties are clear on the purpose, nature and limitations of the coaching. Without a clear contract there is the risk of misunderstanding, misinterpretation and failure to deliver on expected but unspecified or agreed objectives.

 Structure and Organisation

Sophie’s skills and experience in project management will provide structure to coaching programmes. This will ensure that sessions and times are effectively managed and positive outcomes maximised.

Coaching and/or Mentoring?

 Coaching is usually short term and task-based, except in executive coaching (see above). It is essentially a non-directive form of development. At a coaching session the coachee will bring an agenda of issues or items they wish to work with and Sophie will help them explore issues, weigh up options, solve problems, establish priorities and make the most of opportunities. She will challenge, provide support and may offer alternatives (if appropriate). She can also be a confidential sounding board.

Mentoring is usually a longer-term relationship and tends to have a greater focus on your beliefs and values and explores how you can shape these in a positive way. It may involve the seeking and giving of advice. The relationship tends to be more informal and meetings can take place as and when you need some advice, guidance or support.

At the start of any assignment Sophie will explore with the coachee (and if applicable, the client) the balance they are seeking between mentoring and coaching. It should be noted that mentoring and coaching are not mutually exclusive.


 Coaching and mentoring can be delivered face to face, by telephone or over the Internet (Skye or FaceTime). Sophie recommends that at least the first two sessions are delivered face-to-face and intermittently thereafter.

Code of Ethics

Sophie abides by the 28 standards of ethical conduct laid out in the ICF Code of Ethics.


Sophie has a number of core values. These are that she will:

  • Be honest, trusting and trustworthy
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Listen to the needs of all those she works with
  • Welcome feedback
  • Be adventurous and open minded
  • Embrace change
  • Inspire creativity
  • Pursue growth and learning


 Sophie will usually provide the coaching and mentoring herself. SNCL also has a team of highly skilled associates, from a wide range of professional backgrounds, in a variety of geographical locations.

SNCL can provide coaching and mentoring to one or more individuals in a team or organisation.

What next?

All coaching and mentoring packages are tailored according to your needs. To discuss your requirements please email Sophie on or telephone 07967007617.


“It is my privilege to recommend Sophie to you in her role as an executive coach. During my 20 years as a CEO I have had occasion to utilise the skills and experience of a number of coaches, mentors and facilitators, both in a personal capacity and also for my team. Sophie stands out from the crowd due to her enthusiasm for the process and the clear and supportive ways that she coaches her clients. I utilised Sophie's skills as part of an evaluation of my own communication skills and, despite my years of experience, she showed me that you can teach an old dog new tricks! If you are seeking a partner to work with to develop either your own capabilities or those of your team, you would be hard pressed to find someone of Sophie's professionalism, passion and ability to produce results. I recommend her to you”.

Mark A. Hewitt, CEO (2014)

"I have found Sophie's executive coaching to be exceptionally helpful. Through her intelligent and precise approach, she enables one to think more clearly so as to raise one's game. Sophie achieves this through the application of her expert knowledge in anthropology to build a person’s abilities and capabilities. With Sophie's coaching my confidence has grown, such that I have been more effective and influential in my work. In addition, I successfully applied for a more senior position after several coaching sessions with her, having been unsuccessful prior to this input".

Dr Joanne Watson, Clinical Director (2016)

 “Sophie has been a tremendous help to me in re-starting my career development after a five year gap since I last did anything in this area.  She listened carefully to my situation and was able to immediately recommend the best course of action to focus my thinking and target my approach to getting a new role. Her knowledge of the field, the understanding and informative way she interpreted the results, combined with how she recommended I could best use the information was very impressive.  She has definitely steered me in the right direction very effectively, as well as being a great help to spur me on to re-write my CV, and her advice has been invaluable preparing for and during interviews, so much so that I have already received a job offer. I would be very happy to recommend Sophie. Her sunny manner and obvious expertise is a great combination”.

Neil Burston, Product Manager (2014)

“I found Sophie to be a very empathic mentor and coach; she has a sensitive and sensible approach using her skills responsively, interchanging them intuitively to meet a clients needs. I found it easy to talk to her, she is a great listener and I recognised the rapport I developed with her created a trust I had not previously experienced in a coaching relationship”.

NHS Associate Director (2015)

“Sophie offers an integrated mentoring and coaching approach which adapts to the needs of clients. I found her style empathic and supportive alongside offering a level of challenge which was stimulating and non-judgmental”.

Caroline Brunt, Associate Director, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (2015)

 “Sophie is 100% reliable and always delivers to a high professional standard. She has a fun and lively approach which enables her to communicate effectively and at all levels. I have found Sophie to be trustworthy and hard working, and an excellent team player. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sophie for consideration within any other organisation”.

Sarah Debrion, Managing Director, Train4Change (2009).