Testimonials for Sophie Norton and SNCL Associates

EXECUTIVE COACHING – “It gives me great pleasure to recommend Sophie as she is absolutely excellent! A truly outstanding, impactful and engaging executive coach and someone I always look forward to spending time with.
Sophie has provided a number of coaching programmes to members of our leadership team and the results have spoken for themselves.
Sophie is an incredible listener, support, coach and guide. Sophie’s approach is exemplary and is tailored to every coachee, taking into account their physical location & the demands of their position.
I could not recommend Sophie enough and look forward to working with her for many years to come”.

HR Director, Group Functions, Value Retail (2017)

EXECUTIVE COACHING – “Sophie is an excellent Executive Coach and Mentor and coached me through some difficult times in my career. Sophie is incredibly professional, discreet, strong interpersonally and highly qualified.
Sophie is a good listener and makes a real effort to understand one’s challenges and opportunities. Together, we developed plans and techniques which helped me to work through the real issues at work. Sophie continues to work with my team and coaches several executives within the organisation.
I would highly recommend Sophie”.

Simon Cunningham, Chief Marketing Officer, Value Retail (2017)

EXECUTIVE COACHING – “Sophie is undoubtedly the best Executive Coach I have ever worked with. She balances true professionalism with tremendous insight and a highly tuned ability to help me identify what is important for me to focus on. I worked with Sophie as I was looking for new roles and her assistance greatly assisted my preparation and success. Interactions with Sophie are always positive and challenging. I really cannot recommend her highly enough as an Executive Coach”.

Rudolf Heaf, Financial Services Executive (2017)

EXECUTIVE COACHING – “Sophie is a fantastic executive coach, combining a highly professional and authoritative approach with a great sense of humour. Sophie coached me during my job search and preparation for a new role, and throughout achieved a great balance between support and challenge. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding executive coach”.

Martyn Dyson, Head of Insurance Products at RAC (2017)

TEAM DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING – “A very well planned, effective day which met the objectives we had jointly set. Enjoyable and fun. Sophie is a warm, engaging and highly skilled facilitator. The whole team was engaged and participated”.

Dr Beverley McDonald, Richford Gate Medical Practice (2017)

FACILITATION – “Sophie has a relaxed, professional and engaging style. She worked with our senior managers very effectively and I would highly recommend her”.

Judith Finlay, Executive Director Children, Adults & Public Health, Ealing Council (2017)

EXECUTIVE COACHING – “Sophie coached me through a pivotal point in my career/life. She provided relevant and practical tools and guidance to help shape thoughts and decisions always showing huge empathy. Sophie’s support both during and between sessions was invaluable and I can’t recommend her highly enough”.

Helen Gomm, Director of Strategy and Planning, Group Marketing, Value Retail (2017)

TEAM DEVELOPMENT – “The development programme was well thought through during the scoping and planning stage with 1:1 team engagement, profiling of team members and associated individual and team feedback. The facilitation, explanation of the model utilised [The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team] and group activities over the 2 days were pitched appropriately. The sessions were thought provoking, stimulated discussion and encouraged team cohesion. I would recommend this approach to development”.

Caroline Brunt, Chief Nurse, Dudley CCG (2017)

COACHING – “I have found Sophie’s executive coaching to be exceptionally helpful. Through her intelligent and precise approach, she enables one to think more clearly so as to raise one’s game. Sophie achieves this through the application of her expert knowledge in anthropology to build a person’s abilities and capabilities. With Sophie’s coaching my confidence has grown, such that I have been more effective and influential in my work. In addition, I successfully applied for a more senior position after several coaching sessions with her, having been unsuccessful prior to this input”.

Dr Joanne Watson, Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist, Clinical Director of Women’s and Children’s Services (2016)

FACILITATION – “Sophie was great on the day – she managed to get us through a huge agenda and kept us to time. A number of people told me afterwards how well they thought she handled the plenary sessions – discussions were very complex and challenging at times. With such a mix of senior representatives from different organisations, it was very important for us to have a neutral facilitator, who ensured everybody had their say. Even more valuable, from my point of view, was Sophie’s input into the workshop development and how the event was structured. We very much appreciated the experience she brought to the table in terms of being able to advise what works / doesn’t work with different timescales and group sizes. Sophie’s simplification of our agenda for the day was vital to the success of the workshop. It also meant I was far more relaxed and confident going into the event!”

Heike Fanelsa,
 Project Manager,
 Gloucestershire CCG (2016)

TRAINING – “SNCL provided an exceptional service. They understood the brief, considered the target audience and delivered a bespoke and polished service. The impact was huge and turned our customer care around”.

Victoria Brennan, COO, Cougar Monitoring (2015)

TRAINING – “The service was great, Sophie and Owen took the time to understand our business and how it operates to bespoke the training to our needs. The feedback from our staff was great turning “another boring training session” into something interactive and engaging with the content of the course relative to the participants. The customer experience following the training has been extremely positive with an added benefit of a greater appreciation of internal as well as external customers changing the atmosphere within the office”.

Paul Worsley, Operations Director, Defence Security Systems (2015)

COACHING AND MENTORING – “I found Sophie to be a very empathic mentor and coach; she has a sensitive and sensible approach using her skills responsively, interchanging them intuitively to meet a clients needs. I found it easy to talk to her, she is a great listener and I recognised the rapport I developed with her created a trust I had not previously experienced in a coaching relationship”.

Associate Director, NHS (2015)

COACHING AND MENTORING – “Sophie offers an integrated mentoring and coaching approach which adapts to the needs of clients. I found her style empathic and supportive alongside offering a level of challenge which was stimulating and non-judgmental”.

Caroline Brunt, Associate Director, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (2015)

COACHING – “I have found coaching with Sophie to be incredibly beneficial in terms of my personal and professional development. We’ve used some really interesting psychometric tools and gone through the results step-by-step which has been so helpful in developing my self-awareness, particularly around my decision making and how my approach may impact on others. Sophie has supported me to apply this learning to ‘real life’ situations at work, thinking them through in a different way to illuminate new areas for action. In the turbulence of day-to-day life in the NHS it’s absolutely invaluable to have some space to pause, reflect and think through new ways of doing things with someone who is independent yet incredibly insightful. I feel like a huge weight has lifted, just by having a better understanding of myself and some new tools to address situations that have been stuck for some time. Sophie’s approach is flexible and professional, fitting in sessions around my work, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any harassed managers in the public sector!

Susie O’Neill, West London Mental Health Trust (2014)

COACHING – “It is my privilege to recommend Sophie to you in her role as an executive coach.
During my 20 years as a CEO I have had occasion to utilise the skills and experience of a number of coaches, mentors and facilitators, both in a personal capacity and also for my team. Sophie stands out from the crowd due to her enthusiasm for the process and the clear and supportive ways that she coaches her clients. I utilised Sophie’s skills as part of an evaluation of my own communication skills and, despite my years of experience, she showed me that you can teach an old dog new tricks!
If you are seeking a partner to work with to develop either your own capabilities or those of your team, you would be hard pressed to find someone of Sophie’s professionalism, passion and ability to produce results.
I recommend her to you”.

Mark A. Hewitt, CEO (2014)

CAREER COACHING – “Sophie has been a tremendous help to me in re-starting my career development after a five year gap since I last did anything in this area.  She listened carefully to my situation and was able to immediately recommend the best course of action to focus my thinking and target my approach to getting a new role.
Her knowledge of the field, the understanding and informative way she interpreted the results, combined with how she recommend I could best use the information was very impressive.  She has definitely steered me in the right direction very effectively, as well as being a great help to spur me on to re-write my CV, and her advice has been invaluable preparing for and during interviews, so much so that I have already received a job offer.
I would be very happy to recommend Sophie. Her sunny manner and obvious expertise is a great combination”.

Neil Burston, Product Manager (2014)

“I met Sophie whilst we were both training to become 16PF analysts.
Sophie is warm and engaging and showed immediate interest in me as an individual.  I was fortunate enough during that time, to be coached by Sophie on my own 16PF results.  I consider myself to be a very self aware individual, but through Sophie’s excellent coaching skills I was able to get further insight into my own personality traits and went away with learning which was totally unexpected.
As a result of this I would be delighted to recommend her to anyone wishing to engage her to administer and then deliver feedback on this personality tool.”

Justine Gillespie, Head of HR Business Support, University of Sunderland (2014)

PSYCHOMETRIC PROFILING – “Sophie provided an in-depth perspective on the theory of psychological type (MBTI) and helped tailor the explanation of type to my situation, helping me to see how preferences play out in my life and workplace and how it may be best used in specific situations.
Sophie was incredibly empathetic. I found the whole feedback and coaching session enjoyable and educational”.

Simon Cunningham, Chief Marketing Officer, Value Retail (2013)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sophie on several occasions over the past three months.
From the outset Sophie struck me as a professional, conscientious and warm individual with a clear passion for working with people. She speaks with enthusiasm about her work and engenders trust readily with those she meets.
Sophie has a real knack for putting people at ease, and encouraging them to share details of their personal lives, with a view to help them further their own development.
Compassionate and highly knowledgeable, Sophie has been a real pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the near future”.

Sian Jones, OPP Ltd (2014)

 “I met Sophie recently on a development programme, we were both learning together. I had the opportunity to work with her personality profile, as part of our programme, and provide feedback. I found her to be warm, focused and client centred. She is an organised individual who seeks to ensure her clients are delighted by her work. In getting to know her, I found her to be calm and welcoming in relation to setting a group at ease”.

Dr Maxine Craig, Head of OD, South Tees Hospitals NHS FT (2014)

“Sophie is a most charming individual who brings the perfect mix of creative problem solving and determination to deliver complex projects involving professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. Sophie has a particular skill in being an excellent communicator and, being naturally curious, is fantastic at facilitating events which seek to explore the ideas of others. Sophie is a joy to work with and respected by everyone she comes into contact with”.

Rod Booth, Consultant (2010).

“I had the pleasure of working with Sophie for over 5 years. She was always up to the job; being well informed and always in command of her subject. She displayed a rare “gentle” touch in helping us manage change and encouraging new ways of working. She has excellent management, negotiating and mediation skills. I have no hesitation in recommending Sophie as a thoroughly professional and highly personable individual.”

Dr T J MacCallum, GP, Stroud (2006).

FACILITATION – “Sophie is a very successful facilitator and is the only person I know who could make a leopard change its spots!! She is easy and friendly to work with – what more could you want?!”

Dr Adrian Hunnisett, Practice Manager, Cirencester (2006).

“Sophie is well organised, clear thinking and above all very effective at engaging, supporting and motivating people – her ‘people skills’ are excellent.  I can enthusiastically endorse her portfolio of skills and abilities and thoroughly recommend her”.

Dr. Charles Buckley, GP (2006).

“Sophie is a charismatic and effective leader with substantial skills and experience in people management. She always prepares well and pays attention to detail. She can be relied upon to deliver to brief or agreement and has considerable skills in chairing and facilitation”.

Richard James, Chief Executive, Cotswold and Vale PCT (2005).