Team Development

All our team development packages are designed according to the needs and aspirations of our clients. There is no ‘one size fits all’.

We will work with you on-line and/or face-to-face to help you maximise your team effectiveness by:

  • Increasing personal and team awareness and insight
  • Understanding and valuing each other better
  • Recognising and celebrating differences
  • Increasing trust within the team
  • Building on team strengths
  • Identifying team develop needs and how best to address these
  • Identifying clear collective goals and developing action plans
  • Considering strategies to optimise organisational impact
  • Considering strategies to influence and engage with external stakeholders/partners


No matter what the exact content of your Team Development Programme, we anticipate the following outcomes from working with you:

  • Greater trust between team members.
  • Better understanding of each other’s strengths and challenges.
  • The confidence to explore differences, to challenge artificial harmony, to engage in debate and to deal constructively with conflict.
  • Greater confidence in holding each other to account.
  • An increased commitment to maximise team effectiveness and optimise collective results.
  • A team strategy for embedding what has been learnt.

Sophie may recommend psychometric tools such as Everything DiSC® or MBTI to support your team in your learning and development.

Facilitation of Events

The SNCL team facilitates events of all sizes and will design events to address your specific needs and your expected/required outcomes. We will facilitate conferences and consultation events with a wide range of stakeholders.

By focusing on how participants engage and work together, we will monitor the dynamics of your event to flexibly facilitate the achievement of the desired outcomes/objectives.

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